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I am so excited to quilt with you! Quilting is a wonderful craft, that is forgiving to flaws… like we should be in life. I hope you will join me for this series. It will be hands on and fun. And you will never want to stop quilting – and will look to share them as gifts with all your friends and family. After the Quilted Project Box, you will each select your own projects from the selection in this great pattern and project book! Most patterns will take some patience – but easy enough for newer sewers. You should be comfortable with basic sewing techniques using a sewing machine.


This series, based on the book, Sunday Morning Quilts, will be held in the Afternoon! $250 for 12 hours of active instruction and 17 hours of Open Studio* time! You should have basic knowledge of sewing machine functions Class includes pattern book and materials for Quilted Box Project.Sunday September 10 2-7pmSaturday, September 30 4-7pm*Sunday, October 1 2-7pmSaturday, November 4 4-7pm*Sunday, November 5 2-7pmSaturday, December 2 4-7pm*Sunday, December 3 2-7pm

Fall 2023 Quilt Club

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