The MANA WĀHINE collection, six knitwear designs inspired by Aotearoa and Hawai’i, is the inaugural series from the AROHA | ALOHA project highlighting the works of modern indigenous makers.


Mauna: Mountain. The triangles in this hat symbolize mountains to me; strung together, and going in either direction, they also signify people, family, past and future. The curving negative spaces remind me of waves of water, of echoes, and rainbows. All of these together spell one word: Home.


Hat is worked from brim to crown in the round, beginning with a ribbed brim and Latvian braid, followed by stranded colorwork motifs. Slouchy and Beanie versions are worked in the same manner through the ribbing and Latvian braid. Colorwork Charts specific to each version should then be followed when specified in the pattern. Crown shaping is worked the same for both versions, all sizes.


Kit Includes:

2 skeins Nua Sport, 153 yds; 60% Merino Wool, 20% Yak, 20% Linen

PDF Mauna Hat pattern by Leila Raven (if you would like a printed copy, purchase the add-on here)



Blues: Late Night Blues & Unexpected Macaw

Grays: Capall & Bare Necessities

Purples: Cafe Flamingo & Chalk and Plum

Mustard: Rolling Bales & Capall

Mauna Hat

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