Are you craving a unique way to add visual interest to your knitting? This class will have you looking at straight stockinette with a newfound appreciation!


Come learn how to turn both the right side and wrong side of your work into a canvas for embroidery. Over the course of the class, we will talk about anchor stitches, grids, motifs and more. You'll be delighted to discover that this technique can be applied to right and wrong sides of the same fabric for a gorgeous, reversible piece! Students will work the technique on both sides of a swatch during the class as a starting point to be able to incorporate this style of embroidery into other projects in the future.


In addition, we will talk about the design process and how to approach incorporating "stitching on stitches" into your work. Before you know it, you'll be craving the meditative qualities of stockinette, confident in your ability to turn it in to a unique masterpiece after the knitting is complete.  Carolyn is recommending Cascade Ultra Pima cotton for this class; approx 25 gm in light color and 5 gms in contrasting color.


*Upon registration you will receive an email with a tutorial and instructions for a knitted swatch to be completed before class begins along with the supply list. You will be asked to either print the tutorial or have it accessible on a device for the class. We will embroider the both sides of the swatch together during the class.


To learn more about our teacher, Carolyn Bloom, please visit her website, and sign up for her newsletter. You can also follow her on Instagram, @BloomHandmadeStudio and Facebook at Bloom Handmade Studio. To see her work of embroidered stockinette, follow the hashtag #embroideryonsinglecrochet.

Reversible Embroidery on Stockinette

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