Helpful Stitch marker set perfect for working on sleeves, socks, etc. Two sets available, Fits up to US9 needle size.

Choose Between 2 sets:

Set 1 includes:
-k2tog (knit 2 st together)
-k1fb (knit one front and back ) 
-BOR (Beginning of Round)
-SSK ( Slip, slip, knit 2 slipped sts through the back loop)
-YO (yarn over)
-p2tog (purl 2 sts together)

Set 2 includes:
-M1L (make one left)
-M1R (make one right)
-inc (increase)
-dec (decrease)
-ktbl (knit through the back loop)
-sk2p (centered decrease) (sl 1 st, k2tog, pass sl st over)

Stitch Markers, Helpers

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