Do you have a rip in your favorite jeans? Has a buttonhole torn? Are the elbows of a beloved sweater wearing out - or (gasp!) have moths gotten into your woolens? This class will show you ways to repair your clothes and get more wear out of them. You can mend and renew your clothes, and also make a visible artistic statement!


We will talk about a range of repairs, from less to more visible. We’ll start with holes in knitted items, discussing how to stabilize the surrounding stitches then close up the gap. We’ll go over using thread or wool to weave over the hole, then demonstrate patching a hole or weak spot using fabric (either woven cloth or felted knitwear) and a running stitch. This will introduce the world of Japanese sashiko stitching and its many ways to decorate and reinforce fabric. We will also talk about using darning looms to mend knits and review a variety of tools to make your mending jobs simpler.


This class will demonstrate repairs and mending techniques, then help you work on your own clothes that need that extra bit of love.


IMPORTANT: If you think you have moth damage, please wash and treat for moths before bringing it into the shop! We sell yarn; the last thing we need are moths. This Consumer Reports article – – covers dry cleaning, hand washing, freezing, and baking your woolens to kill moths. (If dry cleaning, point out the hole to your cleaner.)


Class length: 3 hours

Maximum: 6 participants, so everyone gets personalized attention

Visible Mending

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