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Finishing Services


We know that finishing can be a difficult part of a project. Let expert Stitch House staff help you seam, weave, and block! 


Prices vary from project to project and are subject to change depending on the size and gauge of each knitted or crocheted item. Please stop by with your project for a quote. Bring some extra yarn for a perfect match. Projects will be completed in approximately 7-14 days.  Rush jobs will have additional fee depending on project.

Package Deals 

seaming, weaving in ends, and blocking

Adult Sweater - $90
Baby Sweater - $65
Adult Vest - $55
Baby Vest - $45

Price Estimates

Knitting Collar (up to 1"width)

     adult sweater - $18

     baby sweater - $10

Knitting Button Bands (up to 1" width) 

     adult sweater - $20

     baby sweater - $15

Blocking only

     seamed sweaters, scarves - $30
     afghans, lace shawls, blankets - $40

     unseamed sweater - Minimum $50 and will need schematic

Weaving in ends (per 6 ends) - $4

Attaching Buttons (per button) - $1.50

Knitting Edges (per square inch) - $0.50
Crocheting Edges (per square inch) - $0.50

Setting in a Sleeve (per sleeve) - $ 15

Seaming only - depends on project

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