Annissa Essaibi George is the owner of Stitch House. At age 6 her mom stayed up late teaching her to sew her first project - a Barbie skirt! She never stopped sewing and you would find her late at night, throughout high school and college, sewing. As a teenager she was national finalist in a McCall’s Pattern Company sewing contest. In college her and her roommate would create an assembly line and sew hair scrunchies to sell in the dorms to fund take-out dinner or a night on the town. After college Annissa had a small line of custom, special occasion children’s clothing featured in several retail shops. Annissa made her own prom dress, wedding gown and all her bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. She’s also made countless quilts and hand-crafted gifts for her friends and family. Although sewing is her passion she enjoys the portability of knitting and crocheting and always has several projects going at once.


Annissa was a teacher at East Boston High School for 13 years prior to being elected to the Boston City Council. She serves as an At-Large member, elected in 2015. Annissa is a mom to 4 great boys Douglas, Charlie, Kayden and Samir. Annissa and her husband Doug are both life-long residents of Dorchester. 

Stitch House Staff

I always say, my shop's success is due to the incredible staff that treat the Stitch House as their own business. They love this space and our customers. Each brings a little something special to what we do here. In no particular order...


Robyn comes from a family of talented women who are knitters, crocheters, sewers, and embroiderers. Her mother who is a sewer, a knitter and a crocheter taught her these skills when she was young. After college, knitting became special with the realization that you are creating your own pattern that ultimately becomes a wearable piece. Now, she always has at least two projects going at the same time and one is usually for charity.


When Robyn is not knitting she enjoys cooking, reading and watching sports.


Coming soon!


Shelley has been knitting and sewing since childhood. Taught by her grandmother, she also has a love affair with buttons. Many times the buttons are chosen first and the yarn or fabric will follow. Her motto is it's all about the buttons. A former owner of a quilting shop, Shelley now spends just about all her creative hours knitting. She is the organizer of Sheep Ahoy Knitters' Cruise. Shelley is an active member in the Greater Boston Knitting Guild and the MetroWest Knitting Guild. Aside from knitting for her 6 grandchildren, she loves to knit for charity. This years items went to Homemade for the Homeless in Boston.


Carrie learned to knit over 20 years ago while in Australia for a semester abroad.  She returned home with some knitting knowledge but let it languish until her friends started having babies in the early 2000's.  Since then, Carrie has knitted and gifted more items than she can count and has sold her knitwear at various venues over the years.  She never lets a day pass without knitting at least a few stitches in one of her works in progress which helps her stay calm and relatively sane.  She enjoys learning new stitches and techniques but her real love is color.  No neutrals for her, at least not without a pop of something bright and fun.


She started teaching knitting at Stitch House in the spring of 2015 and gets great joy and satisfaction in passing her knowledge on to future knitters.  For Carrie, there's nothing quite like sharing a student's joy in finishing their first project or becoming as obsessed with the craft as she is.  


Cassie first learned to crochet as a young girl, making blankets for her dolls. It wasn't until college that her interest in crafting was re-ignited and she learned to knit from a friend. Cassie enjoys working with farm yarns and is drawn to patterns with lots of texture. 


Recently she has also regained interest in sewing, mostly making clothes for herself. She is one of our Get to Know Your Sewing Machine instructors. 


I was born with busy hands.

They have always had to be doing something.

I learned embroidery first, then crewel work, sewing, cross-stitch, crochet...


Oddly, I didn’t learn to knit until in my 40s. And only then, because I desperately wanted a Dale of Norway ski sweater. Once I took it up, though, I was thoroughly hooked! In a yarn shop, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I fell in love with the look, the feel, and all the things you could make with yarn. There was so much I wanted to try! I couldn’t knit fast enough. But, unfortunately, as a learner, I couldn’t knit fast. Once I got over “beginner frustration,” I settled down into the slower pace that knitting necessitates. I discovered a whole new community of  knitters. Weekly classes continued through months and then years. Not only had I found a new passion, but I had found a new home-away-from-home where I could learn, laugh, share, and at times even cry, as we sat and knitted our projects and our lives together. 


As I began finishing projects, I discovered the joy of giving something that I had knit, stitch by stitch, to someone special. After all those special people—including our dog—had a gift, and after I had more scarves that I could ever wear, I began knitting for those most in need. Here was another way that I could use my craft to offer comfort and caring to people who may not even have one hat, or one scarf to protect them from the cold. 


As I became more experienced, I wanted to share the joy that I had discovered with others.  I set up a knitting table at our weekly farmer’s market, and freely taught anyone who came up to learn. I would give my number to waitresses who would remark on my knitting and lament that they didn’t know how to knit, I taught kids at my son’s school, and, as a reading teacher for kids with dyslexia, I gave the gift of knitting to all willing students.


Finally, I felt knowledgeable enough to work in “candy land,” The Stitch House. To be surrounded by fibers and friends, to help people find just the right project, or colors that work together, or yarn that makes their heart sing, is a truly wonderful experience! And best of all, I get to combine my love of teaching with my love of knitting to bring the joy of knitting to all who want to learn.


I hope to see you in The Stitch House soon!

Stitch House Instructors



Diane is the owner of Lady Dye Yarns an indie dye yarn company which is inspired by graffiti art. She spends time promoting her work and teaching knitting and fiber arts. Diane also enjoys cooking, reading, and other crafts outside of dyeing yarn. Diane is a knitter for 15 years; dyer, spinner and crocheter for 12 years.

Diane holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism from Georgia College & State University. She also holds a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Management from Suffolk University 



Leslie learned to sew in high school, when her parents bought a secondhand sewing machine (a really, really heavy one) and some fabric for a curtain. The rest is history, as she taught herself to make clothes, gifts, and many home decor items over the years, in addition to those all-important alterations.  She has focused on crocheting and knitting in recent years, and it was joining Stitch House’s knitting program that renewed her enjoyment of sewing through teaching the Sew 101 class. Until she can figure out a way to quit her day job and spend all of her time knitting and sewing, you’ll find her working on multiple projects in her free time as a way to escape winter.

stephanie cave.jpg


Stephanie's creativity and passion for sewing stems from her family. She was raised surrounded by the talents of her grandmother and aunts, all accomplished seamstresses.  She began sewing as a hobby but became a full time maker and creative small business owner in 2013. Her work focuses on custom home décor projects, quilts and teaching classes. Stephanie is also a member of the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild. More info about her work can be found at

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