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Knit & Crochet

Knit 101 / Intro to Knitting - $75 + materials

4 classes: choose Tues 6-8pm, Sat 9-11am OR Sun 4-6 pm 

If you have no knitting experience, or have tried a few times but quit because that scarf was just taking too darn long and you got bored, then this is the class for you! This class will teach you the basics - cast-on, knit, purl, and bind-off. Most students finish at least one project. Some students sign up for two consecutive sessions to get more instruction and support!


Purchase a class here & call 617-265-8013 to find out the next available start date. 

Knit 102 - $100 for 3 months*

Tuesdays 2-4 pm OR Wednesday 6-8 pm OR Fridays 9-11am OR Fridays 12:30-2:30pm OR Saturdays 2-4 pm OR Sundays 10-12pm

Do you know how to knit but could use some guidance and want to learn more?  Knit 102 offers support and hand-holding for those who can knit comfortably but would like to improve their skills and advance their abilities.


Purchase a class here & call 617-265-8013 to find out the next available start date.  The next session is March, April and May.  Some sessions are full, please call the shop to check on availability.

Crochet 101 - $75

4 classes: Wednesday evening, 6-8PM, rolling start

Learn to crochet or work on expanding your crochet skills in this evening class.  Learn the basics and get you started on a project that will get you into the crochet groove.


Purchase your 4 sessions here, then call 617-265-8013 find out when the next available start date is and reserve your spot.

Need Help?! Stuck? - $20/hr

Need to work through a tricky part of your current project? We want to be helpful and give you all the attention you deserve! Call and reserve some time for a consultation. $20 for an hour, can be divided in 15 minute increments...5 minutes of help can still happen at any time. Not sure what kind of help you need? Just call us and ask. 

 Class prices, times & dates subject to change. Classes are non-refundable, unless cancelled by the instructor. Purchase a class online or pay over the phone: 617‐265‐8013

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